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We are a leading supplier of eco and green products based in the Western Cape. We supply and install. Best prices and best systems.

We specialise in (1) Solar geysers (2) Heat Pumps (3) Solar Pumps (4) Ienergy Micro Inverters ( Tie Grid Power) amazing product. 

(150L, 200L, 250L.300L Direct split system)
This system is often the system of choice due to the aesthetic value of the installation. (Only the collector is mounted outside on the roof; there is no tank outside: the geyser is installed inside the
roof or at another location as prescribed by the client.

How it works - The water from the geyser / storage tank is circulated through an Evacuated tube collector by means of a circulation pump, thereby transferring solar energy into the geyser and heating the water directly A Geyser management system device regulates the electricity supply to the geyser element. The geyser thermostat monitors whether the backup power to the element is required.

1) Collector - The collector is an evacuated tube heat pipe collector. It consists of either sixteen or twenty doubled layered tubes which absorb the sun’s energy. There is no water in the tubes. The heat is transferred via a heat pipe to the manifold section of the collector. The outer tube is a minimum of 2mm glass thickness and conforms to the SABS mechanical test standards. Tubes can individually be replaced.

2) Solar Circulation Pump - The circulation pump is specially designed to work at a rate to get maximum heat energy out of the system. The pump is extremely reliable and operates on 220V. (min power required)

3) Intelligent geyser controller 
150L Solar Geyser System including supply and installation. Please note the price includes (a) the ESKOM rebate deducted upfront (b) a solar panel (c) a geyser wise controller (d) a circulation pump. SAVE UP TO 90% on your water heating bill.
R 7,457.00
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