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Architectural practices provide creative solutions that are customised to suit each client’s personal requirements. By working closely with its clients to ensure optimal satisfaction our architects are able to continuously produce outstanding architecture that is personalized in accordance with the homeowners’ lifestyle requirements.

Draftsmen, also called architectural technicians, perform a small part of the architect’s overall process and responsibility architects and often work in conjunction with architects. Draftsmen, like architects, also prepare CAD drawings, including technical details and specifications of materials dimensions and procedures. In the architectural profession the draftsman specialises in the technical documentation of a project. However, drafting can be applied to many other areas besides construction and architecture. Draftsmen can also produce drawings of circuitry, piping and other mechanical designs.

Our engineers have an impressive and enviable track record in the design and construction of building projects across a range of residential, commercial, institutional, industrial and leisure developments.

As a business owner the onus is therefore on you to do everything reasonably practicable to ensure that any tools your staff are using are safe to work with, and that all necessary measures are in place to guarantee the responsible and appropriate usage thereof.

The focus is always on the client, with each project designed to suit the clients’ own personality, taste and requirements in order to create an inspirational interior that is not only unique but comfortable, stylish and timeless. From Interior Design through to Decorating, our teams thrive on turnkey projects, preferring to be involved from the very start of the project to ensure a holistic approach to the planning and implementation of the construction.

They manage the project between the client, architectural designer and contractor, from the project programme, time schedules, appointment of main contractor, appointment materials and finishing sub-contractors, detail and finishes required, deliveries, management of delays etc.

A property inspection is a process whereby an inspector comes to inspect every aspect of your home and gives you a detailed impartial report on the condition thereof.  Selling, buying or building? You’ll probably only focus on the features and obvious signs of things needing repair. But it’s unlikely that you’ll climb into the roof or check for any underlying source causing damage. This is why you need a home inspection.

Our quantity surveyors add significant value to every project. We are a large network of professional quantity surveyors covering a wide range of expertise and a broad spectrum of developments in Southern Africa and abroad. We work with the other teams on your development project to make sure that every part fits in perfectly. We help you find practical and cost-effective solutions and help you find the best suppliers and contractors to keep you well within your budget.

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