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There are various types, shapes and sizes of awnings available to suit most applications. Custom made awnings can also be fabricated to suit a specific requirement. As a result, it is not easy to give an average price for awnings as many factors have to be taken into account when estimating a price. Also because of the various types of shapes and sizes, different formulae are used in calculating a price.


Boreholes must be registered with the local authority. Permission must be first obtained before drilling. The position of the borehole must be clearly indicated on a drawing showing distance to boundaries, servitudes, position of buildings, distance to any french drain or soak pit.

This drawing must be submitted to your local authority. It is compulsory to have the water from the borehole tested, a levy will be charged for this test. A borehole must be at least 50m away from a french drain.

Carports & Shade Ports

In the harsh climate of South Africa, finding shade for ones car becomes of the utmost importance. Easy to erect, aesthetically pleasing and relatively cost effective, car and shadeports are an excellent alternative to building garages.


Prices for landscaping vary greatly depending on the type of garden required. The most popular type of garden is tropical, which would contain a large selection of tropical plants such as palm trees and delicious monsters and would be evergreen, not requiring a large amount of maintenance. English country style gardens, on the other hand, would contain a mixture of evergreens and annual plants. Although they would be more colourful, they would need a fair amount of attention to remove and replant annuals.

Other factors that would influence the cost of landscaping would be the type and size of pants chosen. Palm trees for example, would have to be bigger than saplings or they will fall easy prey to birds. Some gardens would require levelling or the removal of rocks, trees, or conversely, importing rocks and trimming existing trees.

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