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Colour Hardener
Cemcrete colour hardener and colour release agent.

A blend of special cements, colouring agents and extremely hard wearing aggregates for dusting onto wet concrete or a wet screed before imprinting with a rubber mould to give the effect of tiles or paving. Used in conjunction with coloured release agent to prevent the mould sticking to the wet concrete and give 1, 2 or 3 colours in final surface.

Colour hardener colours: Red, Tan, Slate, Ivory, Straw, Grey and Hunter's Green
Coverage: Approximately 5 square metres per 20kg.
Release agent colours: Dark Brown, Black, Terra Cotta, Green, Yellow, Light Grey and Hunter's Green.
Coverage: Depends on usage and depth of colour required. Normally 0.4 kg per square metre.
Surface to be sealed with colour hardener sealer.

Floorcrete (Tile-In A Bag)
A coloured cement-based self levelling floor covering for application directly onto wood floated screeds or concrete slabs. Creates a very attractive, easy to clean durable interior floor covering. Floorcrete has also been very successfully used as counter tops in kitchens, bathrooms and as vanity tops in bedrooms and dressing areas. Prepared surfaces to be primed with Flexbond/cement slurry before Floorcrete application. Supplied in six colours: Tan, Terracotta, Slate, Sandstone, Chrome, Green and Dusky Rose.

Coverage: 4,5 square metres per 20kg sack applied 2mm thick.

Floor Levelling Compound
Modern floor coverings require a smooth floor surface if they are to bed properly and wear evenly, Cemcrete's floor levelling compound is suitable for levelling concrete, quarry tiles, terrazzo, mosaic, stone, asphalt, etc., preparatory to laying carpets, parquet, vinyl tiles, and most other floor coverings. The normal thickness is 2,5 mm down to a feather dge.

Coverage: If 2,5 mm thick 4 square metres per 20 kg


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