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With well over many years experience in the design, manufacture and installation of top quality swimming pools, our pool builders have developed an international reputation for its quality of swimming pools, as well as its commitment to its customers.

Pool checklist

Point out to the builder any sewer pipes or services that are underground.

Ask the builder

What it will cost if he hits rock. How much it will cost to remove the soil. Usually more soil than you think.

Pool contract

See that your pool builder is a paid up member of the Master Builders Association, or the N.S.P.I. See that there is a penalty clause for late completion.

Optional extras

There are many optional extras:
To build in Coloured plaster.
Additional paving.
To add on later Heaters, Braais or sunshades
Chlorinators Automatic cleaners

Building your own pool in Gunite or Concrete

Design criteria
(a) Maximum light
(b) Maximum privacy
(c) Maximum visibility from the housenear the pool

Phases of construction
(a) Setout

Plan where the pool is to be and mark it out accordingly (8m x 4m is a popular size by a minimum of 150mm thick to allow for the pool shell
Do not make the pool to big as it appears double in size when paved.


This can be done manually or, alternatively, if the area allows, a T.L.B. (backactor) can be used. The excavation process using a T.L.B. should only take one day.
Check the depths by stringing a line over the pool across two level pegs and measure against the marked depths on a straight edge or plank.

(c) Levels

Put pegs at every 2m and level them. Set them 100mm below the top of the finished coping.

Reinforcing for Gunite pools
The minimum reinforcing required is as follows:
(a) Single layer of reference 200 high tensile steel fabric.
(b) An additional layer of reference 200 high tensile steel fabric for the cove which must overlap 1m on both sides.
(c) 4 x Y10 high tensile bars in ring beam spaced 100mm and to be continuous or R8 rods placed throughout the pool at 200mm centres.

Reinforcing for hand-packed pools
(a) 5kg of steel reinforcing bars per 1 m2.
(b) The steel ring beam must be continuous
(c) Overlap steel at least 450mm at each joint. Block the steel off the earth with broken bricks or concrete blocks 75mm.

Guniting can be sub-contracted to a swimming pool contractor. For a hand-packed pool, advice on hand-pack retarded set and method can be obtained from a Ready Mix Cement company. A maximum of nine labourers will be needed to complete this phase.

Accessories required include a light, weir and two inlet nozzles which can be procured from a pool accessories store.

Coping, paving and waterline tile
Install perfectly level and plumb. Compact the ground before paving and form an expansion joint between the paving and coping to allow for movement.

Check the type of filter required for a certain size pool. Installation would follow manufacturers requirements for the particular pump.

Electrical connections which would include the pump, motor and light would be performed by a registered Electrician and according to municipal regulations.

Marble plaster
Marble plaster is a durable coating applied to the shell of the pool. When applying marble plaster, refer to manufacturers instructions for mixing and apply to a smooth, even finish. This is very important as algae will gather on any rough surfaces and will be extremely difficult to remove. This task may be subcontracted to a pool builder or pool service company.

Cleaning equipment
Cleaning equipment can be purchased from a pool accessories store.

Pool Builders

We have a range of Pool Builders, large and small, with the skills and experience to handle any size project.


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