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Concrete windows are made from high density, un-reinforced, low permeability 30Mpa concrete, cast in high quality moulds. The product has a smooth finish, which may be painted or left in its natural state. No additional sills or plastered reveals are necessary. Under most conditions, masonry may be built directly above the window without additional support but should be checked by an engineer.

Low permeability prevents water penetration when installed as part of a structure where standard methods of amp proofing are used in conjunction with sound building practice.

Although this system was conceived as a total window application, the surrounds may be used for book shelves and other storage requirements, balustrades, table top supports, room dividers, garden walls, screen walls and planters.

This gives the architect/designer good freedom in managing natural light and ventilation, interior to exterior visual and functional linkages and textured effects. Because the glazing rebate is positioned on the extreme edge of the window surrounds, they may be fitted with the rebate inside or out, creating deep shadow effects or slicker flush facades.

Cost and Practical Considerations
Containment of building costs is a major factor influencing the building industry manufacturers. Analysis by independent Quantity Surveyors confirm that this option is a sound choice, where product quality, cost, installation and other factors are considered and where optimum ratios for ventilation and lighting are applied in the building design. The system is dimensionally compatible with standard brick and masonry block work and built into walls as part of the continuous brickwork. Attachment of direct glazing and metal inserts, security and closure elements should take place after wet work is completed.


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