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Rhinowall is a system designed for internal residential walling applications; it has been tested by SABS and conforms to the requirements of the building code. Rhinowall can be described as a lightweight fast track walling system, which ideally fits the requirements of builders in this rushed world.

Your family's safety is of prime importance when choosing a building product for your home, after all your home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make so you need to be sure that the components are approved and will give your family the protection they need. Destruction by fire is one of the most common problems in South Africa and million of Rands are paid out each year by insurance company's for fire related damage. The regulations require certain levels of resistance and all our Rhinowall systems comply with these requirements. In fact our standard 15mm Rhinowall will keep fire at bay for a full hour, that's three times more than the requirement and preferred by firemen when fighting a blaze. The secret is in the gypsum core, "gypsum does not burn" was a slogan used in all the developed markets where plasterboard walls are used, we can localise that to "Rhinowall does not burn."

Rhinowall is inert at normal ambient temperatures and is an excellent thermal insulator, by using Rhinowall the ambient temperature in your home is more constant and your winter heating requirements far less than normal, you see Rhinowall does not soak up the heat in your house it merely contains it in the area you want. The reverse is just as valid on a hot summer's day, so you see Rhinowall provides a comfortable environment in your home.

A further aspect to consider is that you will avoid all the rauma associated wth building renovations if you use Rhinowall, a Rhinowall house is easily changed with no mess, hassle, rubble, other damages to frustrate you during construction but what's more important is that it will be done in less than half the time taken using conventional methods.

Having decided to use Rhinowall who will do the installation, Rhinowall is as easy as pie to install there is no mystique to it.

Habitat for Humanity SA built 100 houses in one week in Durban using Rhinowall installed by volunteers from all over the world. That's right volunteers, pensioners, students, housewives, executives, teachers, and people from all walks of life and background. They used timber framing which made the system really easy to install using only basic tools viz., hammer and nails.

Your builders carpenter can do the same. Timber framing is common in developed markets, but in South Africa one always has to compare the cost of timber to that of steel as it will vary on the proximately to timber sources. Steel framing is comprised of light gauge specially rolled C sections. Steel framing is easily cut with tin snips and boards re fixed with a special drywall screwdriver or by a variable speed drill. There is a vast pool of drywall erectors throughout S.A and many will work on a labour only basis.

Whatever your choice BPB will gladly offer free training to anyone who wants to acquire the skill. Training video's are also freely available.

Rhinowall is suitable for bathrooms and showers provided the manufacturers specifications and recommendations are adhered to.

Rhinoboard cut ends should never rest on the floor always 10-15 mm above. Bath and handbasin splash backs must be sealed with silicon where they abut the board. A full shower specification is available from BPB Gypsum. Tiles should be of good quality and should be grouted with waterproof grout.

No problem with Rhinowall heavy articles should be fixed back to the frame studs but other attachments only need one of the standard fixings readily available from merchants for hollow doors.

Sound transmission is a very complex study but in simple terms more sound penetrates through gaps between door and frame and through the ceiling of a room than through a wall. Ceiling insulation is probably the easiest to remedy. Rhinowall offers excellent acoustics even when no insulation is used in the wall, even so this is still well above the recommendations give by SABS when Rhinocoust insulation is installed the sound insulation is improved ever further.

Double Brickwall 49dB
Rhinowall Equivalent 51dB
Single Brickwall 44dB
Rhinowall Equivalent 43dB

In addition it is quite feasible to replace the steel stud and track with timber. SABS 082 covers all the requirements of timber frame construction and steel can be replaced by 76 x 38 timber studs.

Timber framing reduces the level of skill required further and Rhinowall now becomes a simple extension of your carpenters' work. Timber framing eliminates the need for power and electric screwguns and Rhinowall becomes a hammer and nail technology, what could be simpler.

Timber prices are however variable depending on areas and proximity to sawmills, always compare steel stud costs to that of timber before proceeding with your Rhinowall.

Firstly lets take the mystique out drywall, it's a simple system of lightweight walling used throughout the world many of them DIY-ers. In SA however it is seen as a specialist skill that commands a high price. The Gypsum Academy, located in Van Lingen Street, Germiston, will train your bricklayer or carpenter to install Rhinowall at no cost to you. The Gypsum Academy’s vision is to create a pool of highly trained BPB Gypsum product professionals to impact on the professional use of finishing of our products. This training will complement the existing free step-by-step guide and free step-by-step video available. The course will be registered with SETA.

BPB is conscious of the environment and have satisfied the requirements of ISO 14000. Rhinowall is composed of gypsum (plaster of Paris), paper and steel and combined require less energy to produce than the equivalent masonry structure. The paper used on Rhinoboard consists of 100% recycled waste whilst the gypsum is slowly soluble over several years and in fact gypsum powder is used as a soil condition in many countries including South Africa. The light gauge steel is recycled as scrap metal.

Overall the waste from Rhinowall is non-hazardous and non toxic and has a neutral pH. The fact that there is less to disposed of means that it does not fill up our disposal sites as fast.

Rhinowall the choice is yours, but we call a wall by its name RHINOWALL.

When considering the cost comparison between masonry walls and Rhinowall one has to consider the entire system not just a m2 of wall as there are many hidden costs that can be reduced by using Rhinowall.


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