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From magnificently painted ceilings in some churches, pressed metal ceilings, plastered and moulded ceilings to very plain board. Ceilings can be works of art or form an integral and structural component in a building. Suspended ceilings in modern offices are not only aesthetically pleasing but form a cover to ducting and wiring with easy access.

Building regulations are straight forward with regard to ceilings. One must consult SABS regulations and professional help when ceiling specifications call for fire proofing.

Room heights (extract from SABS 0400-1990)

The height of any room or space contemplated in the table below shall not be less than that prescribed for such room or space and shall be the vertical dimension from the top of the finished floor to:
1. the underside of the ceiling;
2. the underside of the roof covering where there is no ceiling;
3. the underside of any structural members where such structural members project below such a ceiling or a roof covering and the plan area of such projections exceed 30% of the plan area of the room.

Notwithstanding the requirements contained in the table below, where any structural member projects below the level of the ceiling or, where there is no ceiling below the level of the roof covering, the height to such projection shall not be less than 2.1m. Ceilings shall be of an approved material, fixed in an acceptable manner. Where applicable, cornices shall be of a suitable material, neatly fixed in long lengths. At least one trap door of minimum size 600 x 600mm shall be provided and ceiling heights shall comply with the National Building Regulations.


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