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Pool Plaster - Marble Based
A scientifically formulated mixture of white cement, with marble and special additives. It is supplied in dry form for mixing on site with clean water. Application is by steel plasterer's trowel. Cemcrete's marble pool plaster provides a smooth plaster 5mm thick, which becomes an integral part of the structure. It permanently eliminates painting.

Coverage: 2 square metres per 40kg sack if applied 5mm thick.
Colours: White, Blue, Charcoal, Abbotsford Green and Sandstone.

Pool Crack Filler
A heavy fibre-reinforced filler for use in marbelited concrete swimming pools. Remove marbelite for 75mm each side of crack through to the concrete. "V" out concrete 10mm deep and 10mm wide. Wire brush external surfaces of crack and surrounding exposed concrete and prime with Cemcrete's crack filler primer. Knife in filler. Allow filler to air cure for two days. Apply neat white cement slurry to exposed concrete and shoulders of marbelite and immediately re-apply Cemcrete's Marble Pool Plaster. Fill pool following day.

Pool - Underwater
A quick-setting compound, having a base of white Portland cement and white marble, specially formulated for the underwater patching of marble pool plaster. The area to be patched should be chipped using a heavy, sharp, steel chisel, paying attention to achieving clean-cut edges at 90 degrees to the plane. When all is ready, mix compound with water and trowel into cavity within four minutes.


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