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Tired of all the endless dust during construction or struggling to find the right commercial cleaning service? You should be, that’s why we have tried and tested cleaners onboard the Dial A Contractor network. From a basic clean up to regular programmed property maintenance – we can assist. It takes years of experience to find the right service provider to deliver the right solution. Do not waste your money on inexperience. Be sure you get the right contractor for the job – use Dial A Contractor.
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"James was amazing, he understood what we wanted or rather helped us understand what we wanted and then he brought it to life. The project was well managed by James and it finished on time" - Charles Zimbali

"I  have used Garath and his team for all our company needs for the last 4  years and I couldn't be more satisfied with how quickly they attend to  us and the way they manage the process of having plans approved at  council level. They  continuously surpass our expectations!" - Peter Smith







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                    Every business owner and manager knows that having the right commercial cleaning service is essential for the well-being of their company. A clean, fresh appearance is more inviting for customers, which helps a business retain and increase its load of clients. Buildings that are cleaned by a qualified office cleaning service demonstrate to clients a concern for detail on the part of the companies housed therein, making these companies more attractive to prospective clients.

                    Whether you own or run a large business or small business, the right commercial cleaning business can help you maintain your offices and take your company to the next level. You can hire us with the confidence that we will be able to meet all of your commercial building cleaning and office cleaning services needs professionally, affordably, and efficiently. Deciding whether to use a professional cleaning service is difficult. You may be thinking "why can't I just clean the building myself?" While it's true that you could, the question is whether or not you should. Your main function as a commercial business is not to clean the office. Cleaning is not the best of your time or the time of your employees. You may have to pay a little bit of money for a professional cleaning service, but think of the money your employees will earn by spending more of their time working and less time cleaning! Why should you bother with cleaning the floors and taking out the trash when the professional can do it all for you. Let us do what we do best so you can focus on the things you do best. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your commercial business. We promise you will be more than satisfied with what we have to offer.

                    BUILDING CLEANING

                    A professional building cleaning service deems no job too big or too small. They are happy to oblige the cleaning needs of companies of every premise and every size. They will provide building cleaning services in which companies can customize for their convenience. Office building cleaning services can be conducted prior to hours of operation, during hours of operation, after hours of operation, and as often as needed. Commercial cleaning is no easy task and a professional building cleaning service will take pride in their work. They provide services daily, alternating days, weekly, alternating weeks, and even on a monthly basis.

                    Office building cleaning services provide a variety of tasks to keep businesses looking spotless and neat. The cleaning professionals will make sure every trash receptacle is empty and all carpet is vacuumed, as well spot cleaned and shampoo when necessary. Any hard or tile flooring will be swept and mopped and furniture will be dusted and polished as needed. Restroom fixtures will be cleaned and sanitized and kitchen and break room appliances and fixtures will also be cleaned. Entrance or any interior glass will be cleaned and horizontal surfaces and window blinds will be dusted on a regular basis. Ceiling fans, air vents and returns will also be dusted regularly. There is no job too large or too small for our cleaning service companies. They have a customizable contract which will allow services be suited to the demands and needs of each individual office and building.


                    Those who operate commercial or industrial businesses understand the importance of using a professional industrial cleaning service. A cleaning service not only provides businesses with the level of expertise demanded to get the job done, but is also familiar with state law as it applies to businesses. Those in need of a cleaning service company will find there are many benefits to choosing a professional. There are different chemicals used for all-purpose or general cleaning and those for industrial strength needs. A professional company understands these differences as well as the importance of following Environmental standards. As there are many rules and regulations that govern what type of products may be used as well as possible side effects, it is imperative that businesses hire companies that understand the possible hazards associated with various chemicals.

                    New York City companies may utilize scheduled shutdowns in order to provide preventative maintenance as well as routine cleanups. A NY cleaning service will operate year round and have experience in a variety of different commercial settings. New York cleaning services may include carpet cleaning, pressure cleaning, window cleaning services, and may extend to various equipment cleaning. A popular industrial cleaning service is power washing. Power washing may be one of the most sought after methods provided by a cleaning service. NY business owners can effectively clean grout in tile, building exteriors, and successfully remove mold and mildew. Mold and mildew is not only unsightly, but it poses a serious health threat to workers. By using a professional New York City cleaning service, commercial and industrial businesses may ensure they are rid of mold and mildew and have created a safe environment for all workers and customers.

                    Our cleaning services not only keep your space looking great, but they can help increase productivity and efficiency. Airborne related illness is bad for business as sick employees are those that are not operating at full capacity. An industrial cleaning service can help ensure that employees remain in optimal health and have a safe environment in which to work. When employees remain healthy, sick days are decreased as well as the amount of workers’ compensation cases. By preventing widespread illness, businesses can increase the quality of their work as well as their total profits. Hiring a professional cleaning service is the best choice for those who want to ensure their businesses are safe, clean, and provide a healthy environment.

                    Our cleaning services provide an enormous boost to businesses that would rather focus on their products or services, rather than cleaning and maintenance. An experienced cleaning service company will use innovative methods and state-of-the-art techniques to ensure your business is clean and sanitary. By ensuring that your business’ maintenance, cleaning, and sanitary needs are met, you can focus on business productivity, growth, and development, while leaving cleaning and maintenance to the experts.

                    OFFICE CLEANING

                    The employees in a clean, tidy office work more efficiently than they would in a messy environment. Also, potential clients who visit a clean office leave with a favorable impression of the place. An office that hires office cleaning is taking a positive step toward maintaining a professional looking office environment. The use of office cleaning services benefits an office in a multitude of ways.

                    An office building cleaning service allows the employees of an office to concentrate on their work. Some offices assign cleaning tasks to employees and that takes away from productive time spent doing work and with clients. An office cleaning crew takes care of all of the important cleaning tasks that create a tidy office environment. For instance, our office cleaning service, vacuums the carpeting, washes the interior of office windows, and cleans door glass, dusts the office furniture, empty the garbage cans, and cleans the office’s restrooms. An office has the option of hiring an office building cleaning service for daily work or weekly cleaning visits. It all depends upon the needs and preferences of an office.

                    Office building cleaning services have ‘green’ cleaning solutions and supplies to clean an office restroom in an efficient, thorough manner. Employees don’t have to worry about inhaling harmful chemicals or touching surfaces with harsh cleaning residue on them. Also, an office cleaning service has the proper tools to effectively clean the surface of computer keyboards. Keeping a computer’s keyboard clean and free of dust can add to the life of the computer. In short, an office cleaning service may contribute to extending the life of an office’s computers. Regular visits from office cleaners keep the office carpeting looking newly vacuumed as well as stain free. An office can truly benefit from the careful techniques and modern equipment of our office cleaning services.

                    Some offices choose to clean their own restrooms. Unfortunately, their minimal cleaning efforts often leave behind bacteria that causes employees to become ill and miss work. A professional office cleaning crew knows which eco-friendly cleaning solutions to use in order to tackle the various cleaning jobs in a restroom. With our office cleaners businesses will have the toilets cleaned thoroughly as well as the door handles, sinks, mirrors, counters, and floors. The floors of an office restroom are especially important for office cleaning services to take care of because bacteria can be tracked out into an office after an employee visits the facilities. The professional work done by our office cleaning services gets rid of the harmful bacteria that gathers in a busy restroom. In this way, an arrangement for office cleaning means fewer employee absences due to an unclean office environment.

                    RENTAL AGENTS

                    We offers 24-hour cleaning support for rental agents and property companies. With top quality results, any business can benefit from hiring an office cleaning service. Despite the demands of the apartment, house, office, business or building, our cleaners have the expert knowledge and skill to create the clean space you desire. Call today to get your free quote!


                    Lately, we hear more and more about the slow economy, and how it has affected business men and women from all sectors. While this may be true for some individuals, others are expanding more rapidly than ever—and with this jump in business comes a need for more space. In many cases, business owners choose to expand their existing building, while others may choose to build a new facility altogether. Regardless of their manner of expansion, the likelihood of a mess following construction work is high. To manage the situation, many busy business men and women turn to post construction cleaning services. High quality post construction cleaning services can not only clean the building in which the work was done, but may also be able to prevent the need for additional employees, limit distractions, and perform a number of other day-to-day cleaning tasks. For optimal results, business owners should be sure to hire a commercial building cleaning company that comes with quality references and recommendations. While most business men and women should be able to obtain recommendations from friends or colleagues in the field, others may choose to search for organizations through Internet referrals.


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