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Wooden flooring is available in strip flooring and parquet blocks and gives a warm graceful finish to a home. The maintenance of wood flooring tends to be more than that of other flooring due to the fact that it is a natural material and more prone to rot and bug infestation. Wood should not be used in areas where there would be a fair amount of damp.

Wood is available in a number of light and dark colour finishes. Careful attention must be given to the sanding of the floor after it has been laid to give an even surface. It would then be polished and coated with a seal to give a good finish.

Timber flooring
There are many advantages of timber flooring systems in modern buildings.
  • they are beautiful, warm and need minimal covering
  • they are resilient and easier to walk on. Timber floors have been designed for high impact loads such as sports floors
  • they are low maintenance floors
  • they have a high strength to weight ratio
  • they are non-corrosive - suitable for chemical storage
  • they have a good resistance to wear and tear and can be fire and sound rated.

Apart from domestic use in homes, modern timber engineering design can provide practical and economical flooring systems for a wide range of applications including warehouses, workshops, shops, restaurants, sports halls, offices and libraries.

Floor boards are graded in terms of suitability for different traffic groups. Select grade has to be used for light traffic conditions as in domestic dwellings. Prime garde is specified for moderate and heavy uses. Pedestrian traffic in some public buildings and shops is regarded as “moderate”. Heavy traffic would be in places like hospitals, banks and railway stations where the floor will have to carry more than two thousand persons in definite traffic lanes.

Timber decks
Timber’s natural appeal and strength make it the ideal choice for decking, not only around domestic homes and in gardens, but also in commercial, industrial and marine structures. This would include marinas, wharves, bridges, foot bridges and loading docks. Other applications can be seen in grandstands and public walkways.

Timber decks are charming but that is not the only reason why this material has been used for centuries. Timber is workable, cost competitive, available, strong, rust and corrosion free, durable, impact absorbing and easily repaired and replaced.


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