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Windeck is a prestressed concrete manually-assembled, suspended floor system comprising prestressed concrete beams and reinforced concrete tiles. Dimensionally, Windeck is based on a 450mm module. The Windeck assembly results in an off the shutter tile top surface, off the shutter surfaces to the beams and a self finished underside to the tiles. Other finishes may be applied if desired. Windeck accepts electrical cabling between tiles before grouting and tooling, and is fire resistant.

  • Bond-Lok’s unique side lap inter-locking system provides for fast and simple construction.
  • Bond-Lok’s spanning capabilities allow for a reduction in the number of temporary supports required.
  • Bond-Lok eliminates the need for formwork and reinforcement.
  • Bond-Lok will accept most floor service systems.
  • Bond-Lok’s soffi t forms the finished ceiling without the need for plastering.
  • Bond-Lok has been fire tested by the CSIR and has qualified for a fire rating of 120 minutes.

  • Bond-Dek is a new composite steel flooring system for multi-storey steel or concrete buildings.
  • Bond-Dek’s unique side lap interlocking system provides for fast and simple construction. The speed results in major labour cost savings.
  • Bond-Dek is able to span up to 3 metres unsupported under wet concrete with a minimum depth of 65mm over the profi le.
  • Bond-Dek will accept most floor services systems.
  • Bond-Dek is available in a galvanised coated steel, pre-primed for painting on one side, and stainless steel 0,8mm; 1,0mm and 1,2mm thick.
  • Bond-Dek has been fi re tested by the CSIR and has qualified for a rating of 120 minutes. Brownbuilt also offers a complete design service if required.
  • The Bond-Dek profile displaces 0,037m³ per m² of deck.


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