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BY Rachel J. Trotter, Standard-Examiner correspondent

Traditional, contemporary and a little of both looks are popular with kitchen design and remodels nowadays.

Nathan Hall, a designer with Wasatch Custom Cabinets, said people like a clean look in their kitchens and a "transitional" look, which is a combination of traditional and contemporary styles.

The range of what people can get with kitchen design
is large -- and much depends on price range, which is as varied as the kitchens that can be chosen.

If people are on a budget, some of the lower-end products have more variety than they used to, Hall said. Formica countertops have much more variety, but granite and engineered stone are still very popular.

Many are choosing the clean look of white with cabinets, but it can be cost-prohibitive because it is more expensive, Hall said. "It's a harder product to finish, but many can choose white accents," Hall said.

The contemporary look, which includes a lot of square lines and very little color, and a more "industrial look" is popular, but many choose to transition with some traditional vibes included that provide more color and textured surfaces.

Traditional looks include thick moldings and fancy doors.

"Tile backsplash is a big deal right now," Hall said. It is more decorative and can be very elaborate and people are tending to put a lot more money toward that look.

"They will often go for a less expensive counter top and get the backsplash," Hall said.

is still popular with flooring, but many are also starting to choose a new flooring called cork flooring, or even vinyl flooring because it is warmer and easier on the feet.

People are finding that hardwood has issues with water. The cork flooring has many textures and variations. "It's really not subtle," Hall said of the appearance of the cork. There are many patterns available and it is very durable, he said.

Stainless steel is still the most popular as far as appliances go, but some are choosing a stainless look rather than actual stainless to avoid the fingerprint issue.

Hall suggests that when doing a kitchen remodel or renovation, it is best to go with a contractor or designer because it requires less time and often saves money in the long run.

Often, when people do it themselves, they run into problems and spend more money fixing the problems that a contractor can take care of easily, he said.

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