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Specialized wall coatings

Specialized wall coatings are suitable for all commercial and residential work. The benefits of wall coatings include the following:
  • Products are water-resistant;
  • Cover all hairline cracks;
  • Retain their colour over time;
  • Provide a variety of textures;
  • Don’t peel or fl ake, and
  • Are suitable for interior and exterior walls and ceilings.

Apart from their decorative good looks, coatings offer the best protection to surfaces due to their strength, thickness and durability. Coatings are typically applied by trowel or sprayed on up to 5mm in thickness and come in various textures and in a variety of colours. Coatings can be applied to any substrate that is smooth and hard. (Trowelled products are covered in plastering)

Specialized wall coatings are usually applied by the manufacturer or by an approved applicator.

Cementitious coatings
Cementitious coatings provide a tough, decorative, coloured, waterproof and durable cement fi nish that slowly weathers and ages; and depending upon the method of application and the number of coats applied, patchiness, streaking and uneven colouring is achievable over time.

Cementitious coatings are designed to meet the rigorous demands of African conditions. With a base of Portland cement, they are ultra violet resistant, economical and extremely durable. Usually supplied in powder form and only requiring the addition of clean water before being applied with a large block brush.

Recommended for both interior and exterior use and applied in a two coat application, which can be applied directly to brick, block or plastered walls, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Cementitious coatings also allow flexibility in texture, from smooth to course depending upon the mix used. Surfaces should be clean, hard and dry at time of application.

Painting Contractors

We have a range of painting contractors, large and small, with the skills and experience to handle any size project.


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