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Permastop - Concrete Penetrating Waterproofer
A cement-based mixture containing chemicals which combine with the water in the cement and migrate into concrete plaster thereby effectively waterproofing the structure against hydrostatic pressure. For slurry coatings and plugging holes.

Supplied as a dry grey or white powder for mixing with water. Suitable for permanently waterproofing, in all climates, structures such as basements, cellars, reservoirs,dry docks, bridges, tunnels, sewers, hydro-electric stations, retaining walls, lift shafts, machinery pits, grain silos, underground in mines, magazines, subways, underground telephone structures, etc. Can be effectively applied to outside or inside of structures.

Permastop is only effective on cement surfaces such as clean concrete and cement plaster, and will not work on painted or other surfaces. Coverage as a slurry coat: 1:3 square meters/kg/coat.

Flexbond - Portland Cement Admixture
A non-toxic latex-based liquid admixture for Portland cement plasters, screeds or concrete. It's purpose is to replace some or all of the water in cement mixes to improve bond, waterproofing, flexural, tensile and abrasive strengths, adhesion, thin film hardness, weak acid resistance, adhesion to asphalt and drying shrinkage. Avoid use of Flexbond in freezing weather and protect from freezing in storage.

Applications: Waterproofing water containing structures such as reservoirs, water features, fish ponds etc. Used in conjunction with Cemcrete's Polypropylene Membrane for cracks and joints in structures, improving adhesion of slush-coat for re-marbeliting, patching, repairing or re-screeding floors.

Improving adhesion and waterproofing qualities of: Cemcrete's Tile adhesive, Cemcrete's Tile grout, Cemcrete's self-levelling floor screed.

Waterproofing Unpainted Cracked Reservoirs:
Acid-wash the walls and floors of the reservoirs using a solution of 1 volume hydrochloric acid (spirits of salts) and 2 volumes water. Allow the acid to act for about 10 minutes then wire brush and flush with water. Allow to dry. Hack out cracks. Wire brush internal surfaces of cracks.

Fill cracks with a mix of 1 cement 2 plaster sand mixed to a stiff paste with a solution of 1 litre Flexbond and 1 litre water. When filling is hard and dry, mix 1 litre Flexbond 1 litre water and sufficient cement to produce a pourable slurry. Cut polypropylene membrane into convenient widths, dip into slurry, apply over filled cracks and smooth down using gloved hands and finally paint the membrane with the slurry.

Coverage: 1 litre Flexbond, 1 litre water, 4 kg Portland cement will cover 1,2 square metres using Cemcrete's polypropylene membrane. If it is desired to paint the entire internal surfaces of the reservoir after cracks have been repaired this may be done using the same mix of slurry.

Coverage: 1 litre Flexbond, 1 litre water, 4 kg Portland Cement will cover approximately 20 square metres/coat. Allow all work to dry and air cure for 4 days before filling the reservoir.

Polypropylene Membrane
Polypropylene membrane is a geotextile having a random arrangement of fibres ensuring uniform strength and flexibility in all directions. Its alkali resistant properties enable it to be used in conjunction with Portland cement-based slurries in water-containing structures to seal over cracks and joints. Used in conjunction with Permastop or Flexbond/ cement slurries for waterproofing reservoirs, etc. Polypropylene available in bulk or cut in 10m x 100mm strips.

Siliconseal - Solvent Based
A low-viscosity penetrating liquid for application to vertical surfaces of masonry or concrete by brush, roller or spray. It is designed to penetrate the surface up to the depth of 10 mm, making the capillary passages water repellent. This prevents the passage of water but allows the masonry to breathe and dry out. Also useful for preventing rising damp in brickwalls by pumping the fluid into previously drilled holes along the course of bricks immediately above the faulty damp-proof membrane.

Coverage: Face bricks 6 sq. metres/litre

Porous bricks 3 sq. metres/litre

Concrete 4 sq.metres/litre

Water-Repellent Cement
An intimate mixture of cement and Cemcrete's waterproofing compound, to obviate site mixing. Useful for producing water-repellent plaster, mortar and concrete.

An integrally fibre reinforced, waterproof, coloured cement-based concrete mixture supplied in dry powder form for mixing to a stiff mixture with clean water for construction of fish ponds and other small water features.

Coverage: 40 kg/0,7 square metres-30mm thick.

Colours: Sandstone, Granite Pink and Ironstone.

Matcrete and Flexbond used with Cemlam and Cemforce (Polypropylene matting) for repairing or construction of water containing structures.

Application: Building fish ponds, lining of channels, lining of soil dams, relining of pipes, repair of cracked reservoirs.

Cemforce is an open textured reinforcing (4mm x 4mm) mesh fabric, made of polypropylene strands and fibres. It was designed for use with cement matrices. It is totally inert to the alkalinity of cement and has an extended fibrous interface area with which cement matrix can interact and mechanically bond. The Cemcrete mixes are specially formulated to form part of the Cemforce, similar to fibreglass and resin.

Available in 1m & 2,6m widths up to 500m lengths.

Cemlam is tightly woven polypropylene tape with a 4mm x 4mm mesh fabric made of polypropylene strands and fibres laminated by hot extrusion forming a tough waterproof substrate. It is totally resistant to the alkalinity of cement and offers extended fibrous interface on the strands with which the cement matrix can mechanically bond. The cement matrix is specially formulated to form part of the Cemlam to act like fibreglass and resin. Available in 2m widths up to 250m lengths.


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