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Blocked drains and pipes are more than just a nuisance as they often result in unpleasant odors lingering in your house. Common symptoms include water rising in the toilet when you flush it and water pooling in showers and baths. Most of the time minor blockages can be removed by using drain rods. This is not always possible with more severe problems or in office type environments.

In situations like this more specialised equipment is required including electromechanical machines, high pressure water equipment and CCTV cameras to investigate, analyse, unblock and clean waste water drains, storm water drains and sewage systems. For more information on drain cleaning solutions and equipment see here.

More often than not our contractors use a drain rooter machine. Its main advantage is that it can cut through tree roots and other hard obstructions, clearing your drain and waste pipes so we can flush them through.

Once tree roots have found a way into your drain and sewer pipes, they will continue to grow back as they rely on the water as a food source. Cutting tree roots is not permanent and will always grow back. If tree roots are present we recommend having your drains cleaned every 4 months to keep the unnecessary smells at bay!

Should we find that your drain has collapsed, we may then recommend drain replacement or trenchless relining.

When scheduling a plumber to clear blocked drains and waste pipes, we usually allow between 30 – 60 minutes labour, however this is dependent on individual circumstances.

Our plumbers have year's experience in dealing with blocked drains and can quickly and efficiently assist you with this plumbing problem. Give us a call today to see how we can help you.

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