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Buying or selling property; or building your own home will probably be the biggest investment that you ever make and one which you would want to conclude without complications. If you plan to rent a property, it would be good to know that your deposit will be refunded to you at the end of the lease and that your deposit will not be used for repairing defects that existed before you took occupation of the property.

Our Property Inspectors provide an impartial written Property or Home Inspection Report, including photographic evidence wherever possible, of all defects observed and deemed material by the property inspector on the date of the home inspection. Our property inspections are a non-invasive examination of the property carried out according to International Standards of Practice for Home Inspections.

If required, we can provide a cost estimate to rectify defects that have been reported.The value of an unbiased written report can avoid many complications and disputes when buying, selling or renting property. Unless you are a building expert, it is unlikely that you will climb into the roof or are able to recognize telltale indications of existing problems. You will probably notice all the obvious defects but then cannot substantiate them after the sale or at the end of the lease because these defects have not been recorded in writing together with photographic evidence.






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An independent property inspection is an extremely valuable tool when buying, selling or building a home. Whether the property is old or new, during an inspection faults may be identified – these will be recorded in the inspection report and possible remedies (to fix problem or prevent future damage) will be suggested.

The duration of a thorough inspection – from top to bottom & side to side – is about 3-4 hours, where every aspect of the property will be scrutinised. Reports are confidential and individually compiled specifically for the client. It is not a computer generated checklist with generic information, but a detailed and precise statement of findings. Supporting snapshots will accompany the findings (if necessary) to assist in the description of certain defects.

Not only does the report cover evident defects, but preventative and maintenance advice is also suggested.

This is the most commonly requested property inspection. A professional property inspection is an examination of the current condition of the home. It is not an evaluation (Market value calculation), a municipal inspection (Verifies local code compliance), or a test. A house will not pass or fail the inspection, but rather uncover existing faults and identify potential problems.


The importance of an ingoing and outgoing inspection is imperative to ensure a record of the STATE of the property before the new tenant moves in and after he moves out.

The relationship between a landlord and his tenant is often fraught with tension.  First and foremost is always the dispute about the deposit.  An ingoing and outgoing inspection is a legal requirement in terms of the Rental Housing Act and it must be performed jointly by both the landlord or his agent and the tenant.

Our independent report gives written confirmation of any defects with specific attention paid to areas of Concern, which can be used as part of the Rental Agreement by the landlord, tenant or agent and which complies with statutory requirements.

It is essential to perform an ingoing inspection with the landlord/agent present. This will enable both the landlord and tenant to record any existing defects and will ensure that the tenant is not held liable for the damage when they vacate the property. Want to make sure you get your deposit back?  Get Inspected today!


This type of inspection and report is mainly used by architects, builders, property developers and project managers – all of which strive for the same goal – a fantastic product and a satisfied home owner.

Our product is a vital tool in ensuring that quality standards are met and maintained throughout the building project and that potentially expensive faults are identified early and rectified, thus saving time, money and ensuring a smooth project and hand over.

Property inspections can be scheduled to take place during various stages of the building process. This is a much more detailed inspection than the Standard Home Inspection. It is set out in point form and goes into specific detail on finishes, i.e. correct silicone sealants at showers, baths and sinks.


When a new home nears the completion date our inspection of the house will report on any incomplete or incorrect aspects of the building.

The same inspection is conducted as for our Home Inspection, however more attention to detail is noted. This may include (but not limited to) some snags as simple as hinges which have to be reset or more complicated issues like substandard workmanship and finishing.

New home owners request our services to ensure they get what they paid for and property developers, architects, builders and project managers ask us to assist them in their duties and therefore improving the delivery of a better quality product. An optional de-snag inspection can be conducted to ensure that the snags have been satisfactorily attended to.


Compulsary home inspections - The imminent publication of the draft Property Practitioner’s Bill (PPB) is a game changer. Consumer rights of the home buying public will also be effectively protected by the PPRA. Sections of the Consumer Protection Act dealing with property sales will be repealed, and protection for property consumers will be provided by the PPRA. This will be achieved by requiring estate agents to recommend a home inspection to all prospective home buyers. By advising buyers to get a home inspection, most of the uncertainty of buying a used home voetstoots (as is) will be removed. Click here to see the full article.


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