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This is a tough and hard wearing form of paving with low maintenance. Concrete bricks and blocks are available in many shades and patterns. They can be altered, repaired, removed and replaced without major costs and without having to use expensive construction equipment.

There are three types of segmental paving blocks:

Grass blocks

The block’s actual strength is determined by its thickness, the minimum strength set down by the SABS being 25MPa.

Shapes and sizes of concrete pavers
Concrete block pavers are manufactured and supplied in a number of different shapes and sizes. The table below shows some of the common shapes together with their trade names, but there are a number of shapes not included in this list. The blocks are categorised into he following types:

Block Type S-A
Allows geometrical interlock between all faces of adjacent blocks. When keyed together these blocks resist the spread of joints by their plan geometry. Generally, these blocks can be laid in Herringbone pattern parallel to both the longitudinal and transverse axes of the joints. Block type S-A is used on roads and heavy-duty pavements.

Block type S-B
Allows a geometrical interlock between adjacent faces and relies on its dimensional accuracy of laying to develop interlock.


Block type S-A develop the best interlock and provide the greater resistant to deformation and creep. Hence these blocks are generally used for industrial applications. On the other end of the scale, the type S-C blocks develop the least interlock and hence are generally chosen for aesthetics and used in pedestrian or residential applications. The size of the blocks vary depending on the shape, but are typically 200 x 100mm in plan. The thickness of the blocks vary from 50-60mm for light pedestrian/residential traffic to 80mm for industrial applications. For areas of very high loading, such as harbours, block thickness of up to 120mm have to be used.

Paving Installers & Paving Contractors

We have a range of Paving Installers & Paving Contractors, large and small, with the skills and experience to handle any size project.


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