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Tree felling and stump removal may seem an easy task, yet this often requires skilled persons such as chain saw operators and sometimes even people skilled in the use of dynamite. Many building sites today are in built-up areas between existing buildings or maybe down panhandles. The tree feller needs to know where the tree will fall, its length when fallen and removal of it after it has been cut down bit by bit from the top. As this is such a diverse and varied trade, it is impossible to give guideline prices. It would be necessary for the tree feller to evaluate the amount of work on site by means of a site visit before a quote can be given. The following points are however taken into account when pricing.

Alive or dead

Type of tree (some have brittle timbers, others have soft flexible timbers. This determines if branches can be swung towards the trunk or if they need to be tied off and lowered).

– e.g. Eucalyptus (brittle)
– e.g. Cedar (soft flexible)

Crown leaf volume (mass)

Proximity to buildings, boundary walls, swimming pools etc.

Accessibility for debris removal and stump excavation (the longer the distance the debris has to be taken, the higher the price).

Services would include tree pruning and shaping, thinning out of branches to improve light penetration, tree removal, stump removal, bracing of trees, tree maintenance (removal of dead branches, die back, dead heart rot, etc) and tree transplanting.


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