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Although some homeowners do their own exterior painting, many others hire a professional house painter to do the work. If you are one of them, don’t leave the selection of a painting contractor to chance. After all, your exterior paint job is important protection for the enormous investment you have in your home. Not every builder can paint so be warned do your homework!



Price shouldnt be the Deciding Factor

Property owners are often driven by price, not capability, in the search for a painting contractor. This approach encourages an unqualified residential painter to submit unrealistically low quotes for jobs that are beyond their technical capabilities. Frequently, the owner is the one to suffer through faulty project schedules, poor workmanship and the coating system’s failure or reduced service life.

Unfortunately for property owners many of the defects only show themselves months after the job has been completed and then it is to late. Typically the cheaper fly by night type painting contractors will have disappeared and if you manage to get hold of them, then they simply turn off their mobile phones, making any guarantee worthless. As they say buy cheap, buy twice!  

Proper Understanding of the Process to be followed

Whenever possible, the surface preparation and painting portion of a job should be given to a paint company specifically qualified to meet the varied aspects of the owner’s scope of work. Two key areas for review are suitable and successful experience and a technical capability for the type of work or coating system specified.

Ask about the materials they plan to use. Will the painting contractor allow you to specify the paint you prefer? More importantly, does the paint company recommend top quality paint? Top quality acrylic latex exterior paint can last for up to 10 years compared to only three or four years for ordinary paint, so you should favor the residential painter who uses the highest quality materials.

Proper References

Former customers are an excellent source of information about professional painters. Call these individuals and ask if they were pleased with the work of that painting contractor. A reliable house painter will usually guarantee that the paint will not peel, chip, blister or chalk excessively for at least one year. Have the company agree that if any of these conditions occur, the problems will be corrected free of charge.

Sign a Contract

You and your painting contractor should both sign a contract that spells out important details. At a minimum, it should include specifics on surface preparation, the exact paint to be applied(application process), and payment terms for the house painters.

In Conclusion

We hope this information will help you select a painting contractor that will perform the repairs to your home in a professional manner. Dial a Contractor represents residential and commercial painting contractors serving customers nationwide. Our SERVICES include interior house painting and exterior house painting, deck staining, power washing, residential painting, commercial painting, water damage repairs, drywall repairs and installation, skim coating and more.


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