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The equipment most commonly used to clear a site is a TLB (tractor loaded backhoe) or sometimes a front end loader. This would be used by a skilled operator and would cope with most site clearing tasks. These units are readily available and can be hired daily or hourly, at a wet or dry rate - the wet rate includes diesel, the dry rate excludes diesel. This equipment would be supplied with an operator. As the rental of this equipment is time related, careful instruction is important to avoid unnecessary movement of soil and wasting of valuable time.

A site of 100m2 with lightly uneven ground and a covering of grass or weeds can be cleared and ready for construction in about four hours. It must be noted that some hire companies have a minimum fee which can very well be half a day or six hours.

Sometimes earthfill is needed to either level a site or fill depressions, or maybe fill after foundation brickwork has been done to the underside of the surface bed. This fill is either builder’s rubble (hardcore) or a soil that is suitable and safe to use for that particular application. Your local supplier of sand and stone will generally undertake to transport this filling material. The building contractor will have to assess the quantities needed for this purpose. Most transporters of aggregates or fill use 6m3 or 10m3 trucks, and it would be advisable to order in these quantities where possible.

Some building sites would require that excess soil is removed from site to a dump or a building site where fill is needed. In most cases, this would be the task of a TLB and trucks and would be undertaken by your aggregate suppliers or plant hire company.


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