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The beauty of wood is unquestionable and can enhance both the aesthetic appeal and value of a home dramatically.

Throughout history, wood has been the material of choice for windows and doors - even as fashions have changed, with painted and natural wood alternatively in popularity.

The following recommendations apply to the use and maintenance of wooden windows and doors:
  • It is essential that protective oil be applied to wooden windows and doors prior to installation in order to prevent staining by cement or plaster on building sites.
  • The oil should be penetrative and used regularly to prevent oxidisation and avoid damage.
  • The doors and windows should be treated with care and external forces should be avoided during the construction process (e.g. props over sliding doors and forcing bricks into small places).
  • A product like Silkwood is recommended. This product provides protection against water absorption and UV degradation. It minimises wood degradation such as cracking, splitting, warping and grain raise, which occurs as a result of natural aging and climatic changes.

  • The product should be applied with either a brush or a roller.
  • The surface of the wood must be dry, clean and free of contaminants
  • The first coat should only be applied after this period.
  • If the wood is porous, it is advisable to apply a third coat of the product for maximum protection.
  • Maintenance coats should be applied when the wood appears faded or dry.
  • Brushes and rollers can be cleaned with either turpentine or white spirits.
  • If the product is solvent based (as is “Silkwood”), it is flammable and therefore should only be applied in well-ventilated areas.


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