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There are paving contractors and there are professional paving contractors – do not confuse the two. Every small bakkie builder can lay slabs or is a brick paving expert. Beware! Paving is one of those perfect cons for a chancer or fly by night operator, as the problems associated with poor workmanship do not become apparent immediately. Only after an amount of traffic, or the first real down poor, will you realise you’ve been had. As the driveway or pathway sags and subsides, leaving puddles and ankle traps where you were looking for level ground.

Paving is a bit like painting – the longevity of the result lies in the effort put into the preparation. A good paver will introduce a good solid sub base, compact the ground with the correct equipment, grout the gaps (if not interlocking pavers) with the right mortar mix etc. The result will be one that gives years of service. Dial A Contractor’s independent landscaping paving contractors will get the job right the first time.

Use one of our contractors and you
will receive up to R300 000 in
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We offer paving at your home from driveways,patios,walkways,flower beds to pool surrounds etc. There are different variations and options which the paving can be laid to suit your own personal taste and needs.

Driveway paving

If you want to pave your driveway there are several things to consider, of which the type of design to use is the most important. There are several designs and colours to choose from. With our experience we will be able to create the perfect paved driveway for your home.

Most of the bricks manufactured have the strength to carry heavy weight vehicles

You can create a beautiful driveway, cost-effectively, using the right combination of materials. By simply using a natural design, create accent points with pavers and complete your driveway paving by adding landscaping and light features.

For professional advice and a wide variety of driveway paving materials at affordable prices contact us today.

Pool Paving

A pool deck area can be designed in a number of different ways, but irrespective of the size or pool deck paving material you will be using, you need to determine the function of your pool deck area.

What will it be used for?  
If you plan on eating and entertaining there you'll need a table, chairs and maybe a lounge set or other types of patio lounge chairs. Once you know what the pool deck will be used for you'll know what size and paving material will for suffice for the purpose of function.

When it comes to pool deck paving there are many different paving materials to choose from. It really all depends on the type of look you want and your budget.

Stepping up to the top of the range when it comes to pool deck paving, is concrete pavers. They are more expensive than other pool deck paving materials but look beautiful. There are various concrete pavers to choose from, but the tumbled paver is particularly nice as it mimics stone.

Travertine pavers are also stunning to use for pool deck paving. They are made from natural stone, are cool to touch and beautiful. There are other materials to choose from like natural stone and blue stone (which is hot on the feet), but the materials mentioned in this article are some of the best pool deck paving materials.

Make sure you are well informed when choosing your materials for pool deck paving. Contact our contractors for professional advice and assistance.


Patios are a wonderful outdoor living space that can be designed in multiple ways to suit many different needs. The patio can be used as a small, outdoor living area or as an entertainment/BBQ area to entertain friends and family. When designing your patio there are various choices to make including the patio paving pattern, the paving material to be used, the shapes of the paver, the colour and the desired finish.

This article enlists some of the most popular patio paving patterns used. Traditionally there are three paving patterns for brick, concrete and stone paver, but read through some of the patterns and decide which one you like best.

Herringbone Pattern -
With this paving pattern each sequence of brick, concrete or stone is laid at a 45 or 90 degree angle. With each section the angle rotates direction. The Herringbone Pattern provides great interlock between the pavers and is one of the most commonly used paving patterns for patios.

Circle Design -
Although this is a popular design it might be challenging to install, especially creating the curves.

Basket Weave Pattern -
This pattern is also known as the checkerboard pattern because of the way the pavers are laid, either level or on an angle. This type of paving pattern attracts attention, but is easy to install. It is also one of the most popular patterns.

Running & Stack Bond Pattern -
In a Running Bond pattern each course of pavers alternate and vary opposed to the bricks being stacked exactly on top of each other as is the case in a Stack Bond pattern. The Running Bond is often used for an outdoor patio whereas as the Stack Bond is used in areas that carry a lot of foot traffic such as a walkway.

Random Design -
This paving pattern is used for patios, walkways and drive ways. The design utilises four different sized pavers in one application creating that bold effect.

If you require more information with regards to patio paving or any other paving queries such as your driveway or walkway contact the paving specialists.


The type of paving material you choose for your walkway, whether it is for your house or garden, can mean the difference between a house looking fabulous and one looking mediocre. When deciding which walkway paving material to use you should think of things like appearance, durability, availability, maintenance and cost. This article lists a few paving materials you might want to consider when paving your walkway.

Brick Walkway Paving

Brick has been used as a paving material for many years. It is considered to be a more formal type of paving and is laid out in patterns like herringbone or basket weave. Bricks should be laid on a mixture of sand and dry concrete which allows it to be flexible when the ground contracts or swells.
When purchasing bricks they are usually priced per square meter.

Cobblestone Walkway Paving
Cobblestones give a walkway a rustic feel and wear extremely well. The walkways paved with cobblestones around the world have carried foot and vehicle traffic splendidly. Their finish is either split or sawn which makes it a non-skid surface. Cobblestones come in different sizes; 4" x 4" x 4" cubes or 4" x 4" x 8" rectangles. This type of paving material is more expensive than other materials and may be more difficult to find than other types.

Stone Walkway Pavers

Stone pavers come in slabs of blue stone, flag stone and individual stepping stones. Blue stone is a type of sand stone, is a bluish-greenish and brownish colour and is sold in square or rectangular shapes. The larger the stone, the thicker it is to prevent cracking. Flag stone is sold in smaller sizes, but comes in a wider variety of colours ranging from purple to gray, to brown to green.


The principal advantages of brick paving in architecture lie in the wide variety of colours, textures, forms and patterns that are inherent in this form of construction. Architectural applications include:

The interior and exteriors of buildings;
Footpaths, malls and pedestrian plazas.

Such applications pose few problems in the area of structural design. Rather, emphasis is placed on the aesthetics and functionality of this form of paving.

Because of its aesthetic qualities and versatility, brick paving has enjoyed widespread usage both in domestic landscaping and in civic applications. The wide range of colours and textures available in concrete pavers facilitates integration both with the pavement surroundings as well as with other paving materials such as stone and wood.

Brick paving can both be laid in intimate, confined spaces which would otherwise be difficult to pave, as well as in large undulating and profiled areas. In open spaces, a human scale can be established by suitable use of colour and pattern.

Virtually all types of concrete paver have been used successfully in landscaping. Experience shows, however, that in this type of application the use of rectangular, ie. Non-dentated, blocks is often an advantage. Not only can smooth-sided blocks be cut to enable the pavers to be laid to curved alignments, but they may be swept up vertically to provide a means for linking and harmonizing different architectural features.

Many types of concrete pavers have been developed specifically for hard landscaping. These use either specially chosen shapes or else utilize special treatments of standard block types.


In many countries the most cost-effective use of brick paving is to be found in the industrial or heavy-duty sphere. The ability of brick pavements to withstand concentrated heavy loads and to resist the wheel loads of heavy off-road vehicles such as cranes, transtainers, forklifts and straddle carriers, has made interlocking bricks the first choice for many industrial pavements. Heavy-duty applications of brick paving include:

Factory Floors and Pavements
Factory Loading Areas
Parking Areas
Bulk-Cargo Areas
Ports and Container-Handling Areas
Petrol Filling Stations


The basic premise of an exposed aggregate concrete is that the brute strength of concrete is combined with the aesthetic appeal of a decorative aggregate and you have the ideal combination of unique design and strength.

Exposed aggregate concrete can almost be compared to a piece of granite or marble transformed by polishing: A plain, unremarkable surface has been stripped away to reveal the exceptional beauty lying beneath. In the case of concrete, that beauty is in the form of decorative aggregate, either natural or manufactured.


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