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Although open plan seems to be the flavor of the decade, it is amazing what can be achieved with dry walling partition installation. Creating arches or bulkheads and much more for office or residential environments. All you need is a bit of creativity and a good contractor to fulfill your request. Our specialised dry walling, ceiling, Crete stone and plaster contractors in Cape Town will deliver your requirements with very little inconvenience. Please remember, although every effort will be made to protect your furniture, plaster dust is very fine and sneaks in all over. Even when erecting the partitioning, the wall and ceiling boards contain a dry cement plaster formula. Therefore, during the installation it is advised to cover as much as possible, and tape up localised cupboards and wardrobes to prevent the fine dust from penetrating.
In Cape Town we specialize in the design and installation of drywall solutions/systems for walls and suspended ceilings. We install drywall systems and suspended ceilings that meet your aesthetic and functional requirements in Cape Town. Our drywall experts work with projects large and small to offer the best solutions. Partitions are a fast, easy and cost effective way of making a division wall in any room.




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