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Dial A Contractor
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Dial a Contractor works with a number of leading steel construction companies in Durban that are involved in a wide range of steel projects throughout South Africa. As steel contractors they have been supplying high quality steel profiling and construction, along with commercial steel and general domestic steel works to esteemed clients in Durban for many years.

On the domestic side our Contractors in Durban are an invaluable general steel manufacturer of security gates, balustrades, gates, carports and garden gates.  We have a proven track record and we leave our clients spoilt for choice. We are seasoned in the manufacturing of any type of steel structure.  We either work from your site/engineer’s drawings or do physical on-site measurements. Should you require more detailed drawings, we are able to assist you in this regard with manufacturing drawings (shop drawings).

We believe in putting action to words and our legacy is built on performance, commitment and superior quality and service.


South Africas number 1 metalwork and steel fabrication contractors.
Metalwork and steel fabrication contractors in Durban.
Leading Metalwork and steel fabrication contractors.
Skilled people with years of experience in Metalwork and steel fabrication.
Well established company that endeavours to fulfill all the requirements of an accomplished Metalwork and steel fabrication contractor.
Prides itself on the successful completion of all Metalwork and steel fabrication projects in Durban.
High standard of quality, economical priced Metalwork and steel fabrication contractors in Durban.
Metalwork and steel fabrication contractors in Durban.
Premier residential and small-scale commercial Metalwork and steel fabrication contractors in Durban.
Specializing in commercial, retail, industrial, government and residential Metalwork and steel fabrication contractors in Durban.


ADDRESS: PO BOX 16123, PANORAMA, 7506    
CAPE: 021 300 1098   BLOEMFONTEIN: 051 004 0119   DURBAN: 031 100 1164   JOHANNESBURG: 011 568 0712   PORT ELIZABETH: 041 004 0007   PRETORIA: 012 004 0239    POLOKWANE: 015 004 0199
FACSIMILE: 086 650 5033    EMERGENCY CONTACT: 082 509 3022  

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