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If you are requiring waterproofing repairs to your roof in Durban, please specify when submitting your enquiry. If you are looking to replace, clean or paint your roof tiles, we can provide you with the right roofing contractors for the job in Durban. If you are constructing a new roof, or an extension to an existing dwelling in Durban, please be aware that the roof construction and roof truss design has to be inspected and signed off by an authorised (A19) Roofing engineer. Please call us for assistance. Roof building is not a job for the inexperienced, as their work will simply be rejected and require reconstruction or worse starting over. Roof structures require designing with structural integrity by carpentry professionals or engineers, who understand the weight and stress factors placed on the various roof trusses. There is far more to a roof than its aesthetic finishes and leak free qualities. Be sure to select the right contractor the first time round.



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Premier residential and small-scale commercial roofing contracting company in Durban
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ADDRESS: PO BOX 16123, PANORAMA, 7506    
CAPE: 021 300 1098   BLOEMFONTEIN: 051 004 0119   DURBAN: 031 100 1164   JOHANNESBURG: 011 568 0712   PORT ELIZABETH: 041 004 0007   PRETORIA: 012 004 0239    POLOKWANE: 015 004 0199
FACSIMILE: 086 650 5033    EMERGENCY CONTACT: 082 509 3022  

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