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Installing a shower door is not as easy as one would think, the amount of requests Dial A Contractors receives for shower door installation in Gauteng… well it warrants having its own page! When deciding on bathroom designs, there must always bee a feature or two involved, usually the corner bath, or the free standing Victorian bath and an attractive shower enclosure. The most prominent feature of the shower usually being the entrance / door this can be a sliding shower door, a frameless glass door, or a basic off the shelf glass door. Whichever you choose, shower doors don’t grow on trees, so make sure you get someone who knows what their doing to install it. A famous mistake to watch out for – is the door that is installed upside down, as the fine etched print gives it away – and only when your taking a shower, do you notice.

Maintenance-free aluminium framed showers with safety glass. We offer a large variety of framed and frameless showers - single pivots, double-pivots, bifold, pentagonal, tri-glide, corner-entry, inline doors and the quarter-round shower in Gauteng. We can also customise shower enclosures to suit your needs.


South Africas number 1 provider of shower door installations.
Shower door installations in Gauteng.
Leading provider of shower door installations.
Skilled people have years of experience in shower door installations.
Well established company that endeavours to fulfill all the requirements of a shower door installater.
Prides itself on providing shower door installations in Gauteng.
High standard of quality at the most economically priced shower door installaters in Gauteng.
Provider of shower door installations in Gauteng.
Premier residential and small-scale commercial provider of shower door installations in Gauteng.


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